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Inspired by the fascination with the military image of the country in the past and present, these artist’s imagines that made up  a distinct planet in the art. In Nguyen Manh Hung’s painting, Surrealism is an art trend that derives from Symbolism and Psychoanalysis, prefers irrationality to rationality. According to this policy, this trend tends to liberate people from all social chains, expressing inner thoughts and natural thoughts, not bound by the rationality, logic, morality, aesthetics or religion. Perhaps it is also suitable to the mood of the artist who want to escape from “the inner bondage with the dream and strange ideas” in his soul. Nguyen Manh Hung’s paintings record all the Psychology status that always changes in the subconscious, regardless of real or dream, consciousness or mad, right or wrong. The very simple subjects are put in a backdrop that is either mysterious or majestic, which gives the painting a new vitality and meaning, as in the dream with real things in the unreal status.

Tank battle

Nguyen Manh Hung
By Vietnamese Artist


56x 79 cm | 22x 31.1 0inch
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