Nguyen Manh Hung


Protect our island

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch


400 x 200cm | 157.5 x 78.7inch

Tank battle

56 x 79cm | 22 x 31.1inch


Nguyen Manh Hung is known as a prominent talent of the Vietnamese contemporary art, his fame is highly appreciated in domestic and international market. The objects in the paintings of Nguyen Manh Hung are always arranged illogically in the sarcasm viewpoint. In this paintings, the context and human seem to be mismatched: fighting airplanes fulled of building bricks and food; terrain cars run by the old slow turtles; the girls who are young volunteers carrying firearms and plastic bags of food in the exotic space that is half-war and half-peace.
Where are the boundaries? Where is the reality? Where is the fantasy? The questions that Nguyen Manh Hung gives challenging many viewers. The symbolic feature in Nguyen Manh Hung’s paintings become different, spread out and obsessive.
Nguyen Manh Hung was born in 1976 in Hanoi. He has participated in many exhibitions in foreign countries such as Japan, Australia, Sweden, Korea, France, USA and participated in many resident programs in France, America and Korea. His works are in the collection of Francis J. Greenburger, USA, Art Omi, New York, GT Art Holding LLC, NY, Willie Fine Art, Malaysia; in the Alessandro Marena project, Milan – Italy, and many other personal collections in the world.

Nguyen Manh Hung


Nguyen Manh Hung is a contemporary artist and experimental musician.

In the field of art, Hung is known for bringing a fresh, original perspective to the visual arts in Vietnam and, while he focuses on paintings, also creates artwork in sculptures, installations and performances. Hung started his own style in visual activities as a surrealist. He creates art based on his experiences and observations of Vietnamese life, and his work often displays a particular fascination with vehicles and all things militaristic.

Hung received his training at the Hanoi University of Fine Arts and has participated, both solo and in a group, in several important concerts and exhibitions in Vietnam and abroad. He is also know as a curator of Nha San Studio, a well known contemporary art space in Hanoi – Vietnam


2011: “Living Together in Paradise” – Goethe Institute Hanoi – Vietnam.

2010: oil paintings – Marena Rooms Gallery – Turin – Italy.

2005: “Conductor” – installation art, Ryllega Gallery – Hanoi – Vietnam.

2002: “Come with me” oil paintings- Goethe institute Hanoi – Vietnam.

2002: “Trousers and shirts” – installation art, at NHASAN studio – Hanoi – Vietnam.


2016:”At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

2012: Queensland Art Gallery (QAGoMA) – The 7th Asia Pacifc Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT7) – Brisbane, Australia.

Hong Kong International Art Fair – “Art HK 12″ – Hong Kong, China

2011: “Norwegian Constitution Day” – Melia Hotel – Hanoi – Vietnam.

2010:“Connect – Kunstszene Vietnam” – ifa gallery – Stuttgart – Germany.

“TamTa” – San Art – HCMC – Vietnam.

2009: “Connect – Kunstszene Vietnam” – ifa gallery – Berlin – Germany.

“Lim Dim” – Vietnamese contemporary art – Stenersen Museet – Oslo – Norway.

“Shabu Shabu” – Ethan Cohen Fine Art gallery – New York city – USA.

2008:“10+” group exhibition at 10th anniversary of Nha San Studio – Hanoi – Vietnam.

“Strategies from Within” – Ke Center – Shanghai – China.

“Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York 2008” – New York city– USA.

“Power of the brush” – Ethan Cohen Fine Art gallery – New York city – USA.

“Mekong Art & Culture Project” in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Viet Art Center, Hanoi

Exhibition at Location1 – New York city – USA.

2007 – 2008: “transPOP: Korea Vietnam Remix” travel exhibition in Korea, Australia, Japan, Vietnam and USA.

2007:“Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York 2007” – New York city– USA.

“Thermocline of Art – New Asian Waves” – ZKM center of art and media Karlsruhe – Germany.

2006:“Saigon Open City” – S.O.C office 3A Ton Duc Thang – Hochiminh city – Vietnam.

“Flight” – with Bradford Edwards at Studio Anh Khanh – Hanoi – Vietnam.

Resident in Art OMI International Arts Center – New York – USA.

2005:“Out of context” – Huntington beach art center – California – USA.

2004:”Gap Hanoi” – Goethe Institute Hanoi – Vietnam.

2003:“GREEN, RED & YELLOW” – Goethe institute Hanoi – Vietnam.

2000:“S.E.A” – Hanoi Fine Arts University – Hanoi – Vietnam.


2004:“LIMDIM” Vietnam performance art event – Hanoi – Vietnam.

TIPAF 04 (Taiwan International Performance Art Festival) Kaoshiung, Taipei – Taiwan.

NIPAF 04 (Nippon International Performance Art Festival) Tokyo, Nagoya, Nagano – Japan.


2013:”Hanoi New Music Festival 2013″ – Live concert at Hanoi “Cheo” Opera – Hanoi – Vietnam.

2012:”Dom dom” – The Hub for Experimental Art &Music – live concert at Youth Cultural Hall – Hanoi – Vietnam

2010:“Dai Lam Linh” – live concert at Cheo Opera House – Hanoi – Vietnam.

2009:“Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009” – Youth theatre Hanoi, Conservatory HCM city – Vietnam.

“Dai Lam Linh” – live concert at Hanoi Opera House – Vietnam.

2008:“3days – 3artists” – L’espace (alliance francais de Hanoi) – Vietnam.

“From Cricket to airplane” – Roulette/Location1 – New York – USA.

2007:“Sound from apartment blocks” – Asian Arts Mart 2007 – Singapore.

“Hanoi Moving” – L’espace – Hanoi – Vietnam.

2006:“Sound from apartment blocks” – Goethe Institute Hanoi – Vietnam.

2005:“Stories of us” – Da Nang, Nha Trang, Sai Gon – Vietnam.

“Fete de la musique” – L’espace (alliance francais de Hanoi) – Vietnam.

“Stories of us” – Hanoi Opera House – Vietnam.

2004:“Street symphony vol-2” – Hue Festival – Hue – Vietnam.

“Fete de la musique” – L’espace (alliance francais de Hanoi) – Vietnam.

2003: “Movies in our head” – Goethe institute Hanoi – Vietnam.

“Legend retell” & “Street Symphony” – Hanoi Opera House – Vietnam.

“ROOM-ZOOM” – (NOWHERE FOLK) – Nhasan studio – Hanoi – Vietnam.

2002: “Window to Asia” – Contemporary art center – Hanoi – Vietnam.


2010:“Unsubtitled” – solo video installation by Nguyen Trinh Thi. “Tree” – site specific installation by Nguyen Phuong Linh.

“GAP” – solo video installation by Nguyen Tran Nam.

“3 perimeters” – group performance by Nguyen Huy An, Hoang Minh Duc, Vu Duc Toan.

“Rain” – solo installation by Bopha Xorigia – Le Huy Hoang.

“Entertainment 2010 Hanoi” – an event by Rodney Dickson.

2009:“Giao Chi” – rock concert at the 11th anniversary of Nhasan Studio – Hanoi – Vietnam.

“Longan” – solo exhibition by Hoang Minh Duc

“In Transit” performance by Kimbal Bumstead

The Last Holidays – art project by Truong

“A gap between two houses” – group exhibition by Karine Fauchard, Lazar Lyutakov, Michael Weidhofer.

“Scarf” – solo exhibition by Bopha Xorigia – Le Huy Hoang.

“Where We Meet” – solo exhibition by Jim Elniski.

2008:10+ – the 10th anniversary of Nhasan Studio – Hanoi – Vietnam.


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2007:Location1 – 26 Greene street – New York – New York – USA.

Sponsored by Asian Cultural Council.

2006: Art OMI center – Ghent – New York – USA. Sponsored by Dong Son Today Foundation.


The Francis J. Greenburger Collection – New York – USA

ARTOMI – New York – USA

GT Art Holding LLC New York – NY – USA

Valentine Willie Fine Art – Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Alessandro Marena Project collection – Torino – Italy

Private collection of Calvin Lam & Hai Yen – Hochiminh – Vietnam