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Contrary to the sculptures of insects that the public has many occasions to admire in the exhibitions and works of the artist – the sculptor Dinh Cong Dat, viewers also see the special concern of the artist with the innocent schoolboys and schoolgirls who are going to school. Remaining the familiar 1212 lines on the face, Dinh Cong Dat makes the impression of the color and costume of the work to the viewers, the feminist perception is the author’s respect for the characters in the work with the sophisticated long Japanese dresses, giving the viewers sense of brandy and they are completely conquered by the unique details. The work is also a tribute to the creative spirit of art and sculpture of Dinh Cong Dat.


Dinh Cong Dat
By Vietnamese Artist


60x 27 x22cm | 23.6x 10.6 x 8.7inch
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