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When painters want to get rid of aesthetic norms of French classicalism, they do not emphasize on  the beauty of reality, on the other hand, they put on the frame the nostalgic and ancient imagines. We can see the paintings of the old noble women in the lacquer paintings of Bui Huu Hung is such a proof. The traditional details such as a strap-shirt, a conical hat, the black trousers, the colorful silk strip and pair of clogs of Northern women long time ago, now it is only appears in the nostalgic atmosphere that described ingeniously by Bui Huu Hung with the harmonious and informal beauty among brown, yellow, orange, black in a deep and mysterious space. It is so true with the spirit of lacquer paintings in the art world of Bui Huu Hung and this material in his masterpieces is still demonstrating its endless possibilities in every capacity of expression. With his painting “Royal lady”, the painter Bui Huu Hung deeply demonstrated the beauty of traditional values of our nation, as well as it is also a way for him to express his love to the beauty, the aesthetic and the distinct artistic thinking of a talent artist.

Red river

Bui Huu Hung
By Vietnamese Artist


122 x 122 cm | 48x 48 0inch
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