Phuong Quoc Tri



110 x 90cm | 43.3 x 35.4inch

Charming girl,

110 x 90cm | 43.3 x 35.4inch

Girl with conical hat II

110 x 90cm | 43.3 x 35.4inch


110 x 90cm | 43.3 x 35.4inch

My sister II

130 x 110cm | 51.2 x 43.3inch


135 x 110cm | 53.1 x 43.3inch


As a self-study artist, and having never been trained by any formal or official art courses, Phuong Quoc Tri possesses an innate ability to create his own unique and ideal beauty. The special passion of the artist for the large modern portrait paintings is a highlight of the art contemporary scene of Sai Gon city. The main subject in Phuong Quoc Tri’s art style is the face of a woman approached in a direct viewpoint. From the context in the paintings as well as its costumes, and the character’s conformations to their root origins and personalities of the characters are both hidden in the monochromatic space. Only the spirit and the eyes are always clear: some aspirations, some harshness, meanwhile some of them are very unstable. Phuong Quoc Tri’s ladies always have the innermost feelings. Is the idealized beauty according to the viewpoint of the artist or the character? The viewers are easily falled into a series of thought and are attracted by this mysterious deep beauty. For Phuong Quoc Tri, he thought: “Nowadays, the beauty of ideas or the expressions of beauty from inner emotions are more highly appreciated than the physical appearance and external emotions. I care and try to express the beauty of endurance, anxiety, personal happiness or pain, loneliness… of the female destiny. And these beauties are needed to be cared and more than an admiration, sympathy and sharing because it is not easy anymore to see, especially in the context of our modern society nowadays.

Phuong Quoc Tri


1976 : Born in 1976 in Phan Rang, Viet Nam

Self-taught artist

Member of Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association

Member of Viet Nam Fine Arts Association


2005 : Group exhibition at Ho Chi Minh City

2006 : Group exhibition “Young Saigon Artists” at Ho Chi Minh City

2007 : Solo exhibition “Sympathetic 1” at Ho Chi Minh City

2008 : Solo exhibition “Sympathetic 2” at Ho Chi Minh City

2009 : Group exhibition: “Buddha’s Birthday Great Festival” at Pho Quang Temple, Ho Chi Minh City

2009 : Group exhibition: “Still life paintings“at Fine Arts Association, Ho Chi Minh City

2010 : Solo Exhibition in Toriizaka Art Gallery in Japan

2011 : Exhibition in London, UK


The second prize of Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Association 2010