Nguyen Thanh Chuong



100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch

My best friend

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch

My family

70 x 70cm | 27.6 x 27.6inch


70 x 70cm | 27.6 x 27.6inch
Summer noon

Summer noon

90 x 160cm | 35.4 x 63inch

Sweet memory

70 x 70cm | 27.6 x 27.6inch
Summer afternoon

Summer afternoon

70 x 70cm | 27.6 x 27.6inch


100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch



1949 : Born in Bacninh Province, Vietnam.

1960 : entered Ha Noi Fine Art College.

1966 : joined the Army, in military engineering force, participated in battlefields of Central Part, Laos, Central Highland

1974 : worked as a painter for Thong Nhat Journal

1975 : worked as main painter for Van Nghe Weekly (The Weekly journal of Art and Literature- The Writers Association of Viet Nam)

Begin painting from the age of 7 (with his work Alubber Cork, won the gold prize in painting competition of international Children)


1973 The third prize of Hanoi Art paintings Exhibition

Exhibition of Illustration for publication in Hanoi.

Prize of International Graphics in Czechoslovakia (copper medal)

1976 Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi

1980 Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi

Won the Van Nghe Weekly

1984 Won the Van Nghe Weekly

1985 National Fine Art Exhibition

1987 Hanoi painting group exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City

1988 Hanoi Painting Group Exhibition at Hanoi Fine Art Museum.

Won the Van Nghe Weekly

1994 Painting Exhibition in China.

Asian Art painting in Hong Kong

1995 Individual paintings Exhibition at Red River Gallery in Hanoi

Exhibition of Viet Nam Contemporary Art Royal College of Art in London, England

Exhibition of Viet Nam opened in Copenhagen, Denmark

Exhibition of painting in Yokohama, Japan

1996 Paintings Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

Exhibition of Hanoi painting at the central of Introduction and change for Art in Hanoi

Ten’s Hanoi Artists -Nam Son Gallery

1997 A moment from Hanoi –Duc Minh gallery – Ho Chi Minh

The changing face of Hanoi – Hong Kong

Viet Nam Selection- Nam Son gallery- Hanoi

Aspiration- Daewoo & Nam Son Gallery – Hanoi

Thanh Chuong’s painting – Viet Nam Gallery- Ho Chi Minh Gallery

Vietnamese Sensibility, Hien Minh Gallery & Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore

Golden painbrush, Faber Foundation, Castel, Ho Chi Minh City

Nostalgia, Sofitel-Metropole & Red River Gallery- Hanoi

De schilderkunst Viet Nam – Christie’s – Nertheland

De la Sein au Fleuve Rough- Nam Son Gallery- Hanoi

A new morning – Hanoi Fine Art College

1998 With heart & Soul & Mind – New World Art Centre (So Ho) – New York – USA

Visions from Hanoi- Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnamese Sensibility, Germany

Visions from Viet Nam – Prudential’s Collection

5 Contemporary Vietnamese Painters- Vinh Loi Gallery- Ho Chi Minh City

1999 A Celebration of life – London, England

Exhibition of International – Korea

The color of Viet Nam – New World Hotel & Gallery Vinh Loi – Ho Chi Minh City

The 4th Vietnamese Contemporary Art Exhibition – Gallery Art U – Osaka – Japan

The Exhibition of Vietnamese Paintings – Seoul– Korea

Two Contemporary Artists in Viet Nam – Tatkamatsu and Kyoto – Japan

The lacquer world of Thanh Chuong – Gallery Nam Son- Hanoi

Thanh Chuong’s lacquer paintings – Gallery Art U – Osaka – Japan

2001 Painting “Love” was chosen by The United Nation to make stamp and symbol for the Year Volunteers.

“A Vision of Vietnam” Group Exhibition, King Road Gallery, London, UK.

“Vietnam Inspiration” Group Exhibition, Kim 3 International Furnishings, Santa Barbara, USA.

2002 Group Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Group Exhibition in Belgium.

2006 “II Drago E La Farfalla” Group Exhibition in Victoria Museum, Italy.

“Spirits and Stories” Group exhibition, Gascoigne gallery,UK

“Impressions and Expressions” Vietnamese Contemporary paintings group exhibition, Thailand

“Completed the biggest artworks – an installation. Live Museum

Named “Thanh Chuong Vietnamese Art Soul”

2007 “Good morning Vietnam, Good morning Korea” group exhibition, Cultural Exchange Central, Seoul, Korea.

2009 Stop working at Van Nghe Weekly

2010-2014 Working at Vietnam Fine Arts Association. Being the Executive of Vietnam Fine Art Association. Being the President of Art committee of drawing speciality. Being the Head of Centre inspection of Vietnam Fine Arts Association. Being the Executive of National Art committee.

2011 Exhibition of “Vietnam Scenery and Spirit”, Korea

2012 Exhibition of “Vietnam-India Fine Arts”, Vietnam

2013 Exhibition “Hong Ban Fine Arts”, Haiphong, Vietnam

2015 Ehibition “A Voyage”, Berlin, Germany

2016 Exhibition “People – paintings on old newspaper”


1973 3rd Class Prize of Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition.

1974 Prize of International Graphics in Czecholovakia.

1980 Award 1st Class prize for illustrations by Van Nghe the Literature and Art Magazine.

1984 Award the 1st prize for illustrations by Van Nghe the Literature and Art Magazine.

1994 2nd Class prize of National Graphics at The Vietnam Plastic artist Association.

2001 Prize Award from United Nations, one of the six International artists to be chosen for International Stamp

Nguyen Thanh Chuong

In the early of 1990s, the reputable artists that time were considered as the golden generation of Vietnam’s Contemporary Arts. However, few people knew that the 1980s generation of artists laid the foundation for Doi Moi Arts in terms of cultural perspective, ideology, and aesthetic sense for the artworks. Thanh Chuong is one of these artists whose artistic story is still topical today.

Not having changed much in the motif in his paintings for years, Thanh Chuong has been faithful to the icons such as a shepherd boy wandering with the flute, buffalo, moon, and sometimes a self-portrait full of thought. The aesthetics of the works lies in their ability to generalize the simplest shapes, blazing natural palette full of internal resources, ability to change multi-dimensionally in the structure, and an unhidden Vietnamese cultural spirit.

As a rare artist exploiting multi-dimensionally from the nation’s cultural values, Thanh Chuong has also successfully reproduced Vietnamese architectural elites in his Viet Phu (Vietnam Palace) work. The architecture there not only demonstrates from housing structures to worship building but also from very popular items to luxurious ones, which reproduce and transmission the complete soul and aesthetics of Vietnamese people through generations …