Nguyen Minh Dong


Dawn moment V

150 x 150cm | 59.1 x 59.1inch

Houses by the river

120 x 160cm | 47.2 x 63inch

Lotus pond

135 x 155cm | 53.1 x 61inch

My village

120 x 50cm | 47.2 x 19.7inch

My village II

120 x 50cm | 47.2 x 19.7inch

Peaceful moment V

135 x 155cm | 53.1 x 61inch

Twilight moment V

135 x 155cm | 53.1 x 61inch
Sunny day

Sunny day

120 x 50cm | 47.2 x 19.7inch


Landspaces is an endless source of inspiration for the artists since the history of painting was documented. Since its derivation in the late ninieteenth and early twentieth century, the Impressionism style has created a different vision than ever before. It has completely transformed the definitions of nature in art up to the present, and the values of the Impressionism art style have been still exploited by many artists to create new innovations in the contemporary art. Nguyen Minh Dong is one of the artists pursuing this subject. His art works often paint the Northern land with peaceful and quiet scenes, with no one in the paintings. In his masterpieces, there are only one or two-storey houses with the old mental roofs, and bright bunches of flower in the sunshine. The loneliness is sometimes outstanding which evokes a sense of remembrance of villages in people who are too accustomed to the modern and busy lifestyle. And the artist is mesmerized by such rural scenes. In many paintings, the artist Nguyen Minh Dong duplicates the scene through the reflection, it is a technique that utilized the physical contrast and light reflection to create a special visual method. Futhermore, it is also a ,ethod that demonstrates the unique sensibility in aesthetics and personal observation. The vibration of sun and water, or the vibrations of the rhythms in the artist’s mind. The painting does not really record the scene and the outer feeling, instead of them, the painting opens the door that connects something deeply in ourselves. This is a sense of dream, sentimental and strong emotions. And in that way, Nguyen Minh Dong has honestly the unreal and extremely romantic in our normal daily life.

Nguyen Minh Dong


1979 Born in Ha Tay province, North of Vietnam.

2007 Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University.

Member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association

Member of Hanoi Fine Art Association


2002 “Young student” Exhibition in Hanoi

“Classmate” exhibition in Hanoi Fine Art University

2004 Group exhibition in Hanoi.

2005 “Hanoi Memory” exhibition at Exhibition House, Hanoi

2006 “Young Vietnamese artist” Exhibition in Singapore

Oct 2008 and Mar 2009: Join in LARASATI AUCTION in Singapore and very successful.

2010 Exhibition in Singapore

2016: “At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

Numerous of his art works are in private and public collections in many countries, such as: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Australia, UK, USA…