Nghiem Vu Bang


Close friend

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch

Girl with cat

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch

Lady with cat II

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch

Mother and child III

115 x 100cm | 45.3 x 39.4inch


1961:Born in Hanoi, Viet Nam

1984:Graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Joined art from 1997

Private Collections in Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, UK….


2000: “Color of Hanoi” group exhibition in Hanoi

2005: “Friendship” group exhibition in Hanoi

2009: “Friends” group exhibition in Hong Kong

2015: “Melody of Color” group exhibition in Singapore


Nghiem Vu Bang

Life, death, happiness, suffering, thinking are usually the obsessive phobia in the artworks of Nghiem Vu Bang.
Only began his career when he was over 40 years old and has not experienced any formal training programs in Fine Arts but Nghiem Vu Bang quickly created his own style. His essential works portray generalizations of ordinary people in our society: the maternal love, the artist in the journey of creation, reflections in the face of reality.
Every line in the painting gives us the sense that the painter focuses mainly on the face. In some paintings, the light that appears only emphasizes the face even when the viewer does not see the spotlight. The eyes open, the cheeks deep, the body, especially the distorted and prolonged hands – signals deep expression of love, cramped, sad, reflective or crazy of human beings.
The art style of Nghiem Vu Bang is easy to associate with Western Highlands tombs or multi-island aboriginal art forms – compact, coherent, depressing and haunted. A seemingly simple art, which is always filled with the power of expression and emotion, transmitted by a legal pen containing impulses and anxieties alone. The fine art is as a general narrative of a human life as well as Nghiem Vu Bang, he is always looking for and presenting in front of the viewers the time and miserable destinites.