Le Minh


“Long Bien” bridge II

120 x 150cm | 47.2 x 59.1inch

City at night

120 x 150cm | 47.2 x 59.1inch

Colour of memories

120 x 150cm | 47.2 x 59.1inch
Khối màu

Color blocks

120 x 150cm | 47.2 x 59.1inch

Sound of summer.

100 x 80cm | 39.4 x 31.5inch
Ngày bình yên II

Peaceful day II

120 x 150cm | 47.2 x 59.1inch

Sunshine street

120 x 150cm | 47.2 x 59.1inch
Làng chài về đêm

Fishing village at night

120 x 150cm | 47.2 x 59.1inch


1964:Born in Ha Noi, Viet Nam

1987–1992: Graduated from Sai Gon State and Movie College.

Member of Vietnamese Young Painters Club

Private Collections in the Country and Overseas

Designer of D.T.P / Art and Advertising Co


1997: The first solo exhibition in New Window Gallery in Ho Chi Minh city

2000: Spring exhibition – Group Young artist in Hanoi.

2005: Solo exhibition at Dragon Gallery, Hanoi

2006: Group exhibition in Japan

2006: Group exhibition at the Gallery 39 Ly Quoc Su

2007: Group exhibition at the Red Gallery in DuBai.

2010: National exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam

2012: Group exhibition with Korean artists in Vietnam.

2012: Group exhibition in Roma, Italy.

2013: Group exhibition in Venice and Milan, Italy.

2016: At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


Le Minh

It is difficult to generalize about the painting style of Le Minh in a few words. If so, sudden inspiration and diversity of his works may be clearly expressed. Perhaps, a strange aesthetic passion and indulgence externally exist in works of artists and therefore, as for each landscape, his aesthetic patterns are in different directions. Starting the painting with a realist’s observation and highly polished penmanship, the artist quickly converted into transcendent scenes in his mind. Opposition of green and complete red of a countryside landscape created an extraordinary attraction. A bridge corner seems to be bulky by the strong strokes and natural colors, presenting certain feelings on the surface of the painting. Thatched cottage in a village is surrounded by green lotus pond in which human is only a small spot. It is seemed that houses and human is surrounded by the lake surface or it is only reflection under the water shade in reality and in dreams of the artist. It may be realized that the misty and passionate feeling covers Le Minh’s works. And landscape is only a cause for the artist to freely express his inspiration in the play with fine arts. Each stop of the artist’s steps is particularly interesting for arriving a new destination/shore.

Le Minh was born in 1964 in Hanoi. He graduated from Sai Gon College of Stage in 1992. He offered many exhibitions in Vietnam and in foreign countries and his works were included in collections of individuals and organizations in Vietnam and in the world.