Le Huu Ich (1968 - 2019)


Girl with bird-cage V

80 x 80cm | 31.5 x 31.5inch

My autumn

80 x 80cm | 31.5 x 31.5inch

Two friends II

80 x 80cm | 31.5 x 31.5inch

Wedding season

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch


1968 Born in Thanh Hoa Province

Won the silver medal at the painting competition for children of Thanh Hoa city at the age of 12

Study at Teacher’s Training College of Centre Fine Art- Music

Study at Hanoi Fine Art University


Being a ceramic formed at Bat Trang ceramic enterprise

1994-1999 Yearly Exhibition of students at Hanoi Fine Art University

1996 Capital Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi

1996 Spring Exhibition in Hanoi

1997 Exhibition in Hanoi

1998 Won the championship of the Exhibition for students

1998-1999 Won Asian Fine Art prize

2003 Group show “Two friends” in Hong Kong.

2004 “Spring soul” exhibition at Hanoi Melia Hotel.

2005 Group exhibition in Singapore.

2005 Group show at Hanoi Melia Hotel.

2006 Solo exhibition in Exhibition House – 16 Ngo Quyen

Group exhibition in Thailand

2016 “At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

Numerous of his art works are in private and public collections in many countries, such as: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Australia, UK, USA…


    Article about the artist

Le Huu Ich (1968 - 2019)

Not appearing in the dramatic art scene of Vietnam fine arts, Le Huu Ich is a sedentary artist name with a strong enough confidence to find his own voice by painting and arts. Achieving the Philip Morris Asia – Pacific Arts Award from vey early, and concurrency the artist Le Huu Ich develops his own personal art world withi his aesthetic depth and perception. Like a lonely city, a mysterious silence and unique island. The girly subject is one of the main topic which Le Huu Ich pursues. At the first glance, we will be confused by the motif or the character layout that has the duplication, seems to be caught in somewhere, but if the viewers are patient and spend more time for the masterpiece, when their vision is sufficient enough to recognize the subtle shades, when the mind is sufficiently focused to feel the divergence, at that moment we will have the opportunity to enter the own world of the talented artist Le Huu Ich. This is a quiet world to infinity, with the flexible silhouette and also mysterious, or the silent faces in the formless situation. The “formless” is not no mood or no nuance, or no personality. The “formless” in this situation is an understanding of the human worlds to reach the “invisible”, the omnipresence of all. The magic silhouette, the colors of dress, the golden point, it maybe real or not. And this art style of Le Huu Ich has touched the unknown perception not only in the independent art story but also in the constellations of the human plane.