Ho Huu Thu


Charming girl .

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch

Lotus season .

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch

Moon season

100 x 100cm | 39.4 x 39.4inch

Under the moonlight.

61 x 50cm | 24 x 19.7inch


1940 Born in Nghe An province, Vietnam

1964 Graduated from the National Fine Art College of Saigon, former lecturer of the Vietnam National Fine Art College of Saigon before 1975

1965-1974 Member of the Association of Young Artists of Saigon

Present member of Vietnam Association of Fine Arts and Ho Chi Minh City Association of Fine Arts

1960 Silver medal, the Fine Art Competition by ESSO

1990 2nd prize, the National Fine Art Competition Selected collections in Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts and Singapore Art Museum

1963-1974 annually participated in Saigon Young Artists Association

1972 first solo show at Alliance Francaise in Saigon, Vietnam

1992 “Art & Material’92” at the Art Gallery of Singapore Art Museum 

1992 Asian Master Gallery BHD Malaysia

1993 “New Space” exhibition by Vietnamese and Singaporean artists, Vietnam

1994 Group Exhibition at L’espace Jacques Prevert and Gallery Bellin Paris, France

1994 Asian-Vietnam International Modern Art Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City

1996 participated in Exhibition at Fujita Vente Art Museum, Japan

1996 The 2nd Asian – Vietnam International Modern Art Exhibition

1999 Solo Exhibition at Vinh Loi Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City

2000 Exhibition at Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi

2000 Group exhibition at Oakland Cultural Center, California, USA 

2001 participated in Vietnam-Japan Art exhibition at Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts

2001 Solo Exhibition at Vinh Loi Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City

2002 participated in “EPIC” exhibition at Gajah Gallery, Singapore

2002 dual exhibition Ho Huu Thu – Nguyen Trung at Gajah Gallery, Singapore

2003 Solo Exhibition at Gajah Gallery, Singapore

2004 Participated in Asian Masters exhibition in Singapore

2005 Participated in the exhibition held by the World Bank Group, USA

2006 Participated in Taiwan-Vietnam International Art Exchange Exhibition at Yunlin National University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

2012 Group Exhibition at 333 Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 Group Exhibition at VIETART Gallery, Houston City, Texas, USA

2013 dual exhibition Ho Huu Thu – Ho Hong Linh at Di Legno Gallery, Singapore

Ho Huu Thu

Famous in the painting fine arts of Saigon before 1975, artist Ho Huu Thu still painstakingly and seriously creating art works in a “meditation mind” – a special and rare consciousnes in the contemporary Vietnamese fine art. In particular the artist has achieved many achievements in the field of abstract lacquer paintings, which conquering grumpy art lovers and artistic experts in both domestic and abroad. Ho Huu Thu once said: “Painting is a game of a serene soul full of truth and expresses through the magical linguistics of people are owing, are aspiring, it is the pure seal that opens up that surprising us in passion “.

For this rare talented artist, he said that he came to the painting as a spiritual emancipation, the art world he built and that it needed to reach was the world with full of transcendence, sublimation and aestheticism. Therefore in the world of his paintings, we just can see some details, objects, or images , on the other hand, the artist concentrates mainly on drawing few objects but evoking many associations, especially it is the surreal painting style and typical meditative mind of artist Ho Huu Thu in particular and Oriental painting style in general. In his paintings, the familiar motif is the woman – the lotus – the moon, sometimes appearing alone, or in pairs or all three of them forming a movable substitute in the original art named Hồ Hữu Thủ. The girls in paintings of Hồ Hữu Thủ appearing with a lot of postures, sometimes gravitate, sometimes lulling, sometimes lonely and strangely mysterious.

On the creative art paths, there are many artists embracing reality to nourish the soul but some people also let the virtual dream pour out to nourish the soul. The artist Ho Huu Thu is in the second case. Moreover, many paintings reflect the hardships of the souls, the choking cries of love have been blown out but there are many paintings as the eternal destination of music and poetry, reflecting a soul as the domain occupies harmony for virtual dreams. Ho Huu Thu is also in the second case.

His virtual world has made his art lover have more artistic ideas, unique, which breaks normal and popular artistic regulations to reach the special Meditation realm. Many people claim that the illusory realm in Ho Huu Thu’s paintings is a version of his soul, as true and natural as the empty self-nature of a person who himself giving up his ego and individuality to find the quiet status, where the source of all creativity is aroused. So what are the factors making a virtual dream in the art world of Ho Huu Thu? It is the process of forming an unconscious language through the eyes of painter’s soul, here the reality is denied to have all the lines, the mind is not the place to stay, and there are only fades making dreams and dreams have transformed into music feature and poetry feature.