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As a painter of European abstract style, the painter Tran Hong Duc is a special face of modern Vietnamese fine arts. We found that he is influenced by colors, lines and emotions in the works of the artist Nguyen Tu Nghiem; Russian artist Wassity Kandinsky and British artist Ben Nicholson. The harmonious combination of these elements has made his work both distinctive and give the audience the new feelings. In his paintings, Tran Hong Duc has tried to show a very particular view of changing seasons, the weather, the subtle changes of creation that can not be observed only by the eyes of a normal people. Tran Hong Duc’s desire is to covere the freshness and vitality of each painting, which he must admit is “absolutely difficult at any time.”

The echo

Tran Hong Duc
By Vietnamese Artist


200x 150 cm | 78.7x 59.1 0inch
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