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Peaceful scenery with golden canopy, the river drifting soft as a long smooth hair of young women. Scenes take us to be sunk into a fairyland. It is not the single tree trunk but it is the wood of trees, it is also the yellow sunshine of leaves, the brightness of water in spring, or just a sky and water. The grass is bent, but it is like infinity. Pham Khanh Thanh always combines the style of famous Impressionist painters such as Paul Signac, with soft brush strokes of a very realistic romantic Rococo substance, without falling into the boredom. The colors change through each scene: gold grams dyed rich and fresh … all glowing on the painting as the endless festival of richness colors in the nature.

Changing season

Pham Khanh Thanh
By Vietnamese Artist


110x 95 cm | 43.3x 37.4 0inch
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