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Nguyen Hung Son is one of the few the contemporary Vietnamese artists who bring social themes into the painting in a straightforward manner. Critical reality painting is the path that the artist choses for himself to pursue, and what he shew on the drawing board revealed his exceptional talent. Nguyen Hung Son uses symbolic images and relativity to dissect straight into the emerging problems of modern society, the reader feels the burning breath of life on the drawing paper. His satire and social criticism are subtle and intelligent. The painting “Red Cross” describing the image of people wearing crosses t-shirts, they representative for humanitarian organizations and have a great influence for each country in particular and mankind in general. This is one of the most respected organizations in humanitarian relief for medical care, but the image of a man with a facial expression freaked out by a speaker and a shouting slogan has been revealed something strange. Criticism of theories, the slogans are only imposing, but not necessarily practical in action.

Red cross

Nguyen Hung Son
By Vietnamese Artist


150x 50 cm | 59.1x 19.7 0inch
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