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The creativity of artist Le Thanh Minh is known as the art of gold priceless art village of contemporary Vietnam. When the world of painting is too large to define the small things, Le Thanh Minh is looking for the true beauty of art in these simple and simple things. In the paintings of artists, sometimes we encounter the combination is not easy to understand, but it is also the unique style that Le Thanh Minh brought to the Vietnamese painting.
A lion oil lamp lit up in the middle of a crescent moonlit night hanging as far away as bringing people lost in the unknown and real world. Just gentle and simple, but the paintings of Le Thanh Minh to take us from one surprise to another surprise, making the audience only regret not knowing his work sooner.

Crescent moon

Le Thanh Minh
By Vietnamese Artist


75x 98 cm | 29.5x 38.6 0inch
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