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As a painter who pursues traditional lacquer, likes the splendor of glamor, Trinh Quoc Chien’s paintings are chic and have a very personal appeal. The paintings depicting the beauty of Buddhism is a theme throughout his palm care career. The Amitabha Buddha’s drawing of compassionate sentient beings is one of his special works because the Buddha is the closest Dhamar to many Asian Buddhists is probably Amitabha, so the artist fully reflects the minds of those who love the Buddha by building up the image of Buddhism with colorful and unique motifs. There is rarely a lacquered style of luxury that is sophisticated, eloquent in the calm, as mysterious attractive as Trinh Quoc Chien’s paintings.

“Adida buddhist”

Trinh Quoc Chien
By Vietnamese Artist


84x 124 cm | 33.1x 48.8 0inch
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