Nguyen Trong Tai and Ballet

Ballet is an art form that is not too popular in Vietnam. But once we love ballet, we cannot forget the charm that comes from the dancers’ soft dance steps and elegant figures. This captivating attraction is the endless source of inspiration for Nguyen Trong Tai’s paintings.

Nguyen Trong Tai was born in 1978 in Thai Nguyen. As a prominent name in the class of contemporary artists, he has had many exhibitions from 2003 to the present. His works are also present in the collections of prestigious galleries at home and abroad.

The most prominent feature of Nguyen Trong Tai’s works lies not in the material or size but in the constant rotation from ballet. His affinity for ballet came exceptionally naturally. While searching for materials for the graduation exam, Nguyen Trong Tai spent about three months on a field trip at the Vietnam Dance School. The graduation piece is also his first work on the subject of ballet, opening the door to soft, attractive creations later on.


nguyen trong tai artist

Every artist often has a favorite subject, a red thread throughout their career. Famous artists ‘ names will be associated with that theme, such as Hoang Phuong Vy with Innocence, Nguyen Minh Phuoc with Buddhist influence, or Nguyen Quang Minh with the image of a traditional woman. As for Nguyen Trong Tai, he devotes most of his career to female ballet dancers and this noble art form.

Ballet is famous for its delicate yet intense movements. Each work carries stories, and the dancers will use all their talent and enthusiasm to convey them to the audience. This passion may have cast a spell on Nguyen Trong Tai’s mind, helping him successfully bring the beauty of the ballet figure to his canvas.

Focusing on using only a few colors in his works, Nguyen Trong Tai focuses on showing female dancers’ invisible but strong connection with the surrounding space. As an individual who lives for art, he understands dancers’ dedication. Any art, whether ballet or painting, is never an easy path for those who pursue it. Through his brush strokes, Nguyen Trong Tai hopes that viewers can feel the burning love in every step of the artist.


nguyen trong tai artist

Nguyen Trong Tai does not stop telling the story of his burning passion for art. With the main subject being female dancers, his work blows a gentle breeze hidden in the typical layers of tutu skirts. Each painting tells small stories without beginning or ending, sometimes on stage, during a conversation at a break, or between intense practice sessions.

Elegant dancers stretch their soft arms before the eyes of art lovers, leading them into a weightless dimension. The silhouette of softness and fragility occupies the entire canvas, making the viewer unable to help but be moved by the artist’s worldly beauty.

Edgar Degas is famous for his works about ballet and dancers in white tutu dresses. Each moving brush stroke leaves a bold mark in the hearts and minds of the art-loving public. Nearly 200 years later, his works are still the perfect symbol of the combination of painting and ballet.

Although this subject has yet to attract public attention in Vietnam, no one can deny ballet’s appeal. As an enthusiastic fan, Nguyen Trong Tai curls his brush strokes according to each breath of ballet, giving art lovers an exceptional experience full of sensuality and femininity.

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