Tran Quang Huan



100 x 150cm | 39.4 x 59.1inch

Rainy day

100 x 150cm | 39.4 x 59.1inch

Love story

100 x 150cm | 39.4 x 59.1inch
A new day

A new day

100 x 120cm | 39.4 x 47.2inch


Tran Quang Huan is a painter who has devoted completely his spirit and talent to honor the beauty of women. His masterpieces show the beauty of women in different positions, different situations and different personalities. His paintings often have the simple layout, the girls are the main subject with a long dress gently gliding and knitting. In these paintings, the artist portrays gently and subtly the flawless beauty of a woman, whether in a gentle pose when she picks a lotus, or when she is gracefully walking beside a lover, or this is a proud step of a lady on the stairs. The bodies stretched, the nose is as fragile as the African wooden statues. But different from the rudeness, wilderness and mystery, Tran Quang Huan’s paintings are strangely gentle and elegant. The technique of oil painting has been meticulously performed by the painter, a natural beauty in the unique color transformation. It is the unique feeling as well as the unique view and discovery of the artist in the simple beauty of human in daily life. That does not reduce the artistic characteristic in the paintings of Tran Quang Huan. Behind each line and the character, the viewer can see and feel life in an unique perspective as silent whispers that the creator wants to tell us.

Tran Quang Huan


1965 Born in Hai Phong

1987 Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts College.

Working at Hai Phong Newspaper.

Member of Vietnam Fine Art Association

Member of Vietnam Journalist Association

Member of Hai Phong Writer and Artist Union


1990 : National Five Arts Exhibition

1990 : Exhibition “Gang of Three” in Hai Phong

1992 : “Two artist” Exhibition in Hanoi

1996 : Solo Exhibition in Hai Phong

1996 : Group Exhibition in Paris (France)

1998 : Group Exhibition in Hong Kong

2000 : “Asia Art Exhibition” in Singapore

2001 : “Young Artist Club” Exhibition in Hanoi

2002 : “Spring soul” Exhibition in Melia Hanoi Hotel

2003 : “Expression” solo exhibition in gallery in HongKong (in cooperation with GREEN PALM Gallery)

2012 : “Tone of Autumn” solo exhibition at Hotel L’Opera Hanoi (in cooperation with GREEN PALM Gallery)

2016: : “At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


1978 : Gold medal of Five Art Exhibition in Hungary

1980 : Third prize of Painting Exhibition in Moscow

1990 : Second prize of “Nguyen Binh Khiem Prize Letter and Art”