Pham Luan


Autumn afternoon

80 x 135cm | 31.5 x 53.1inch

Blooming season

65 x 80cm | 25.6 x 31.5inch

Hanoi daily

100 x 150cm | 39.4 x 59.1inch

Morning in “Hoan Kiem” lake

153 x 135cm | 60.2 x 53.1inch

Twilight moment.

155 x 155cm | 61 x 61inch


Was born in 1954 in Hanoi, educated from Hanoi National University of Education, Pham Luan is a famous artist with Impressionist landscapes painting style. His personal exhibitions mainly take place from abroad sush as London, Hong Kong and New York, are rarely presented and exhibited in Vietnam. Pham Luan’s paintings are in the collection of the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and one of the few Vietnamese artists to be bought by foreign collectors. Throughout his painting career, the light has always played a major role in his paintings, and he even took a personal exhibition entitled “Sunny” in 2014. The leitmotiv that he composed most are the familiar Hanoi street corners. Started painting Hanoi Street in 1983, Pham Luan is a proof witness of history by paintings, memories and condensed emotions with the nuance of the ancient city. The old town corners with motorcycles on the sidewalk, small grocery stores close together with the bandners dimly cross strokes. The dolenix regia in sunny, alstonia scholaris shade on the bold Art Deco-architectural old houses. Do not stop in the shaped past, Pham Luan moves and recreates a bustling, modern Hanoi after the Renovation period but still retains the inherent nostalgia. For 30 years, Hanoi in his paintings gradually changed, more exciting, noisy to the rhythm movement of the age breath. Going is also a way of learning, the Pham Luan artist always moved, he he goes abroad a lot, he went to Giverny of France, where the famous Monet artist had lived and painted, only once to be immersed in the landscape, creative space of the artist. Go a lot, see a lot, experience a lot but he still loyal with a style: “I pursue the light. Maybe the light of the sunny, of the lamp, of the moon. The light of the Vietnamese countryside or the light of another country”. Thoughout the paintings, although in Vietnam or abroad, the subject in Pham Luan’s paintings is always outdoor landscape, bold Impressionist. Colorful flowers, large sea, ancient houses … are all selected by the artist at the most beautiful moment of sunshine. “Many times ride on the old town, see the sunbeam on the street so beautiful, I silently turn right to see, to shoot. There are things back, the sunbeam is different, no longer the same. So I painted to reflect the beauty of the sunny was printed in my mind – Pham Luan shared.

Pham Luan


* Born in 1954 in Hanoi, Vietnam

* Graduate from Hanoi Teacher’s Training College

* An Autodidact in plastic Art

* Member of Vietnam Fine Art Association

* Member of Hanoi Fine Art Association

* A Specialist in Oil painting.


1991 “Hanoi-36 streets”, Solo exhibition, Hanoi.

1994 “Pham Luan’s Hanoi”, solo exhibition at Galerie La Vong,HongKong.

“Painting Exhibition” Solo Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Participated “Vietnam Festival – May 1994” HongKong.

1995 “Keeping Cool II”, LaVong gallerie, HongKong.

“Light of Shadow” LaVong gallerie, HongKong.

1997 “Hanoi – One day” Solo Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1999 “The Aesthetics of Pham Luan” Solo Exhibition, LaVong gallerie, HongKong.

2000 “Splendour of Hanoi – Pham Luan” Solo Exhibition in ChinaClub, HongKong. Organised by Gallerie LaVong and Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C, Hongkong.

2001 “Pham Luan’s Hanoi” Solo Exhibition, Eastern Gallery, Chicago,USA.

“Pham Luan’s Hanoi” Solo Exhibition, Open House, NewYork,USA.

2002 “Hanoi Enchantment – Pham Luan”, Solo exhibition, China Club,HongKong.

2003 “Venice – Through the eyes of Pham Luan” Solo Exhibition,Gallerie LaVong, Hong Kong.

2003 “Autumn Memories – Pham Luan’s paintings of Hanoi and Beyond” Solo exhibition, Amdeam gallery, London, UK.

“Autumn Memories – Pham Luan’s paintings of Hanoi and Beyond” Solo exhibition, Kismet gallery, NewYork, USA.

2004 “Pham Luan’s Vietnam” Solo exhibition Gelabert StudioGallery, NewYork, USA.

“In Celebration Pham Luan at 50” Solo Exhibition, Exchance Square, Hong Kong.

2005 “Here and There: Pham Luan’s painting of Hanoi and NewYork” solo exhibition, Gelabert Studio Gallery, NewYork,USA.

2006 “Pham Luan’s Vietnam” Solo exhibition at Calvin Charles Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

2007 “Impression from Hanoi” Solo Exhibition at Thavibu gallery,Bangkok, Thailand.

“Sunshine in Hanoi” solo exhibition, Exchange Square,Hongkong.

“Pham Luan – From Hanoi to Bow Bridge” solo exhibition,Denise Bibro, Fine-art, NewYork, USA.

2008 “Two Contemporary Vietnamese Artist” group Exhibition, ArtSydney’s 08 Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney, Australia.

“Merging The Best of East and West” group Exhibition,Limkokwing University, London, UK.

2009 “Glasgow Art Fair’s 09 at George Square, UK.

2010 “Genesis” Group Exhibition in London, UK.