Le Thiet Cuong


Bowls and chopsticks II

100 x 120cm | 39.4 x 47.2inch


Father Le Nguyen-renowned film scriptwriter, playwright and poet.

Mother Do Phuong Thao-famous cinematographer.

1964-1973 Evacuated to Binh Da village to escape the American bombing of Hanoi.

1973-1980 Secondary school education in Hanoi but received no formal art training.

1980-1984 Army service,cartographer and farmhand during rice harvests

1985-1990 Attended the Vietnam State Film College in Hanoi. Studied set design for two year and animation his final three year.

1987 First solo exhibition in Hanoi.

1990 Began studying of Tay Tang Buddhism and produced a series of paintings influence by its teachings.


1991 Solo Exhibition, Exhibition House, Hanoi, Vietnam

1992 Solo Exhibition, Exhibition House, Hanoi, Vietnam

1993 Solo Exhibition, Exhibition House, Hanoi, Vietnam

1995 Solo exhibition “The Quiet Path” Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong and Singapore

1996 Group exhibition “Independent” Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi.

1997 Group exhibition “A Glimpse of Hanoi” Duc Minh Art Gallery, HCM City.

Group exhibition “Vietnamese Young Artists” Center Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris, France

Group exhibition “Vietnamese Fine Art after open door” Meridian International Center, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

1997 Solo exhibition “The Changing Eye” Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong and Singapore.

1998 “Vietnam Today” Exhibition at Gallery Andy Jilien, Zurich, Switzerland.

1999 “Point of View” Plum Blossoms gallery, Hong Kong and Singapore.

2000 “The Way Beyond Landscape” Ancient gallery, HoChiMinh city, Vietnam.

“Beyond our Vision” Gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand.

“The Way to one” Gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand.

“Unspoken Dialogue” Plum Blossoms Gallery, NewYork., USA.

“Zoom Vietnam” Gajah Gallery, Thailand.

“Inspiration from Basho’s Poem” Singhendo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

“Meeting myself” Gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand.

“II Drago E La Farfalla” Vittoriano, Roma, Italy.

2016 “At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


Singapore National Museum, Singapore.

Deutsche Bank AG, Hanoi, Vietnam.

ABN Amro Bank, Singapore.

Le Thiet Cuong

Le Thiet Cuong is well-known in the artistic world as a multi-talented artist with a wide range of abilities in photography, photography, pottery, writing, organizing and supervising for many famous exhibitions. As a self-taught artist, however, his creative career has been very successful early.
It is common to see that Le Thiet Cuong has a generous lifestyle with his own world. This personality seems to affect his artistic style, which makes Le Thiet Cuong come and stick with the irreducible as a necessity. He identified himself as the only representative of Vietnam who pursues this uncommon style, and then he realized himself: “In his whole art career, he rarely draws the really masterpiece. People often mistaken, wrong, confused, bewildered, illusion is the main”.
The simplicity in the paintings of Le Thiet Cuong always constricts with layers and layers of meaning. Human figures, objects and landscapes are incredably simple because of the lines and split into whole block colors. The maximumly reduced details made the inversely proportion which conflict to the content inside. The viewers are not difficult to feel the clarity and elegance in the space of each work but it is certainly for people to take time to “read” their complex meanings. The space, again, is the reason for creating the exploration to develop the imagination and emotions of people to the painting.
Le Thiet Cuong was born in 1962 in Hanoi. He is the son of the writer – the poet Le Nguyen, and his mother is the famous filmmaker Do Phuong Thao. His solo exhibitions are held in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, Korea and many other countries. Le Thiet Cuong’s paintings are included in the collection of the National Museum Singapore, Deutsche Bank AG – Hanoi, ABN Amro Bank – Singapore.