Le Thanh Son


“The Huc” bridge

125 x 145cm | 49.2 x 57.1inch

Summer noon

125 x 145cm | 49.2 x 57.1inch



1962 : Born in Hanoi

1968 : Student of young Pioneer’s Club.

1986 : Graduated from Hanoi College of Drama and Cinematography.

Member of Vietnamese Fine Art Association


1990 : Exhibition of young painter in Hanoi.

Awarded the first prize National Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi

1992 : Hanoi Fine Art Exhibition.

1994 : Personal Exhibition at Canada Embassy.

1995 : Personal Exhibition in Singapore.

1996 : Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong.

1997 : Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

1998 : Solo Exhibition in Gallery Vinh Loi, HCM City.

2000 : Group Exhibition in Vinh Loi Gallery.

2001 : Solo Exhibition in LaVong Gallery, Hong Kong

2002 : “The Quality of Natural Power” group exhibition, Latin American Arts Museum, Miami, Florida, USA.

2002 : “Where the Rivers meets” group exhibition in the Vietnamese Cultural Festival Luxembourg and continued at “Libre de Bruxelles” University, Brussels, Belgium.

2003 : “New Season” Group exhibition in Bradford City – UK.

“Hanoi Flowers” solo exhibition at hkfineart.com gallery in Hong Kong (in cooperation with Green Palm gallery)

2004: Solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

2005: Solo exhibition in London – UK.

2008: Solo exhibition at Toriizaka Art in Tokyo – Japan.

2010: Group exhibition in ION Orchard – Singapore.

2011: Group exhibition at Apricot in London – UK.

2014: Group exhibition in New York – USA.

2016:”At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


1990 First prize of Hanoi Young Artist competition sponsored by Hanoi Fine Arts Association.

Collected permanently by Eastern Museum – USSR

Le Thanh Son

Le Thanh Son is one of the most talented painters of Vietnamese painting in the innovation stage, with impressive style and expression, his paintings appear in many exhibitions at home country and abroad, his art paintings are highly appreciated by the famous politicians and businessmen in the world. The nature in the paintings of Le Thanh Son is a simple scene but entering the his own art world, he changed the nature into the harmonious perfection of color. The emotions fluttering from the artist, light and color in his paintings are twinkle, artists and the nature play together on the painting. Hanoi beautiful poetic scene have been Le Thanh Son painted to make a wonderful masterpiece.