Le Cong Thanh (1932-2019)


Girl with red lamp

83 x 73cm | 32.7 x 28.7inch


84 x 74cm | 33.1 x 29.1inch

Nude I

64 x 58cm | 25.2 x 22.8inch

Nude II.

73 x 86cm | 28.7 x 33.9inch


60 x 65cm | 23.6 x 25.6inch


Le Cong Thanh’s works are divided into two periods, before and after 1985. Before 1985, his works followed the themes of building the country. After 1985, along with more openness in the Vietnamese art scene, Le Cong Thanh focused more on portraying the beauty of women.

Considered by art critics as “the god who governs women’s beauty”, Le Cong Thanh brings a unique and personal perspective of female beauty in his artworks. Not only seducing art lovers as a sculptor, but Le Cong Thanh also contributed significantly to the development of Vietnamese art as an outstanding painter.

1932: Born in Hai Chau, Da Nang

1950-1954: Joined the army, participated in writing articles and illustrating for Army Newspaper (Quan doi Newspaper)

1955-1957: Gathered in the North and attended the To Ngoc Van course, then continued to study at the Vietnam College of Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture

After graduating, he became a Sculptor Lecturer at Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts.

He has participated in many international exhibitions in Latvia (1979), Hong Kong (1991), and France (1997, 2004).

Le Cong Thanh (1932-2019)