Dao Hai Phong


Blue fog

80 x 133cm | 31.5 x 52.4inch

Golden afternoon

80 x 133cm | 31.5 x 52.4inch

Golden twilight

95 x 100cm | 37.4 x 39.4inch


80 x 100cm | 31.5 x 39.4inch

Moon wharf

80 x 133cm | 31.5 x 52.4inch
Cùng nhau đón hoàng hôn

Celebrate the sunset together

95 x 100cm | 37.4 x 39.4inch

Peaceful night

95 x 100cm | 37.4 x 39.4inch
Xuân hồng

Pink spring

95 x 100cm | 37.4 x 39.4inch



1965 Be born in Hanoi. His father, Dao Duc, a well- known international award winning film artist,was the art director for the first Vietnamese film. “Share a River” (1959)

1987 Graduated from the College of Drama and Cinematography, where he studied in the Art Film Design Department.

1992 Started designing for the Vietnam Film Studio, and soon attained the position of chief designer.

Began painting prolifically and embarked on a career as an independent artist.Member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association


1993 “Hanoi Memories”, Vietnam Art Association, Hanoi, Vietnam

1994 “The Art of Vietnam”, Roy Miles Gallery, London, UK

Vietnam Art Festival sponsored by Vietnam Business Association, LKF Gallery, Hong Kong.

1995 “After Dark – Landscape of Light”, Hoa Sen Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam (Proceeds went to a Hanoi children’s charity)

“Independence”, Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

1996 “Three artists”, LKF Gallery, Hongkong

“Independent in Hanoi”, Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

1997 “A Glimpse of Hanoi”, Duc Minh Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City

“View of Contemporary Art”, Novotel Hotel, Vientiane, Laos

“A View from Others”, DongSon Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

“A Winding River – The Journey of Contemporary Art in Vietnam”, Meridian International Center, Washington DC, USA

1998 “Hanoi Art Exhibition”, Vietnam Art Association, Hanoi, VN

1999 “Pure and Pearcing Colour”, Rich & Famous Gallery, Rapperswil, Switzerland

“Twilight Moment”, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong and Singapore

2001 “Peaceful season” in Ho Chi Minh City, Group exhibition at Kim 3 Gallery, New York, USA

2003 Solo exhibition one night at Kee Club, HongKong

2003 “Binh & Phong” combine exhibition at hkfineart.com gallery in HongKong (in cooperation with Green Palm gallery).

2007 Group Exhibition in Korea.

2009 “Featuring” Group Exhibition, ANA Intercontinental Hotel, Japan

“Room to Read” Charity Group Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Group Exhibition of “Dai Hai Phong, Le Thanh Son, Do Hoang Tuong” Mayfair, London, UK.

2016 “At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


Dao Hai Phong

Dao Hai Phong is known as a unique face of Vietnam contemporary arts. Landscapes in his paintings are taciturn but dreamy, and they touch the deep memories of each thanks to his outstanding painting style which tell mores than the picture surface tells and color combination. The artistic critic Trinh Tu has commented a painting of Dai Hai Phong that “It is likely that the rural person within Dao Hai Phong still raises his voice in a secret manner, especially in his paintings depicting his village which is full of dreams. It is depicted in his painting with unclear time, unclear space but definitely a clear peaceful environment, etc.” Dao Hai Phong, born in 1965 is one of painters of Vietnam contemporary art emerged after Doi Moi. His works have been exhibited, displayed and included in various collections of paintings of Vietnam, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and many other countries in the world.