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For Bui Huu Hung, the inspiration of royal life with women in traditional costumes is an endless exploitation for the artist with a love for the nation in a historic period. The objects in his paintings are often women with sad faces or the inner sadness of a regime in the past. The delicate and dark colors of paints in the room, parallel sentences, bird cage, command card, painting statues, ancient furniture in pagodas and temples are the hints. Moreover, these features also impacts to the artist, then Bui Huu Hung carefully select and transformed into the modern lacquer paintings. The contiguity of the past combined with the decorative and lacquer materials is a genius bond. This creative combination with a strict skill of a craftman has brought tremendous values for the masterpieces of Bui Huu Hung.

Girl with the bird-cage.

Bui Huu Hung
By Vietnamese Artist


122x 122 cm | 48x 48 0inch
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