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Each of Pham Khanh Thanh's paintings has both natural senses and rhythms of nature and may be of an indefinite nature. From the subtle nuance and attractive brush strokes, the artist's paintings do not need to say so much but they still are very attractive. The painter is capable of expressing the most romantic suggestion. Pham Khanh Thanh uses lines as texture, color layers and colors create space; Sensational and beautiful in a gentle way. Pham Khanh Thanh's paintings mostly and mainly select light, fresh colors and bring a sense of calm to the viewer. Painters like the subtlety of color and rhythm of the lines, and the sadness of the pieces becomes independent. The metaphors of the Pham Khanh Thanh paintings combine strongly with the flow of pure visual elements to create the most distinctive impression in his paintings.

Winter day

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Khanh Thanh

Dimensions 80 x 130 cm | 31.5 x 51.2 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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