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Le Thanh Son received a great honor when former US President Bill Clinton on a visit to Hanoi bought his painting. He is the representative of the elite of contemporary Vietnamese  fine arts with the leading position, he is excellent for the Impressionist school in Vietnam nowadays. In his paintings, the natural world appears beautifully strange, sparkling, poetic and vivid. The nature of Le Thanh Son is easy to seduce any art lovers. Le Thanh Son's color combination in art works is one of the decisive factors for the popularity of this rare talented artist. Viewers are impressed by the way Le Thanh Son builds  the composition and colors of the entire space of the painting, creating a romantic fiery charm of color and expressiveness.


By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thanh Son

Dimensions 63 x 80 cm | 24.8 x 31.5 inches
Medium Gouache on paper

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