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Owning a large painting collection with more than 500 paintings, Le Khac Cuong confided: “Pride has long disappeared. Glory has then gone bored. I paint because it is my job, and because I want to be reconciled with life. Each work contains all my personality and my soul in it ”.


Each of Le Khac Cuong's works is an open story that he couldn't tell, but only can make it visible with his strokes and give to those who love his art. His paintings reveal every small part of his life, like exposing himself and his perspective for others to see. For example, "Whisper", perhaps a sweet story between two whispering lovers sharing the grief they encounter. Despite the intense use of color and pen, we still feel the lightness of the quiet moment two lovers are spending to tell each other two-person stories.


By Vietnamese Artist

Le Khac Cuong

Dimensions 152 x 110 cm | 59.8 x 43.3 inches

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Ship same day and arrives in 7 working days in USA and Europe and 5 working days in Asia


All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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