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The artists have their own favorite color palettes to convey emotions. For abstract artists, besides brush technique and logic about shapes, color is also one of the most important stories for the artist to fulfill his own artistic story. With his fondness for hot colors, Pham Duy Ha always balances it with his thought in images to create "codes" from the universe that he wants to convey to art enthusiasts. Pham Duy Ha also confided: “I like warm, emotional and cheerful colors. For my works, viewers can always see it many times and for longer, not just skim once and be forgotten. Each view is a time they discover themselves. Each one is their own microcosm and I hope they find their own universe through my works".

Untitled III

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Duy Ha

Dimensions 110 x 110 cm | 43.3 x 43.3 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas

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