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We tend to get bored with familiar things, like the daily path we walk, the everyday scenery we see. However, for the works of Bui Thanh Thuy, perhaps this will not happen. Over time, her works gradually develop according to the journal that we had to go through and each time we look back, we will see these artworks from a new perspective. Bui Thanh Thuy's paintings do not reflect the actual scene but reflect the philosophy of soul. It will be happy when we feel happy, it will be sad when we feel pain. It is the ceaseless movements of the flow of colors and illusions that blend in the eyes of art admirers to finally reflect their journey. Thus, the works of Bui Thanh Thuy continuously live and grow according to the mind of its owner and each time is "revived"; so to talk about getting bored of unchanging nostalgia that is impossible with her works.


By Vietnamese Artist

Bui Thanh Thuy

Dimensions 120 x 78 cm | 47.2 x 30.7 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas

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All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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