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Being considered as a pioneer artist of Vietnam in bringing modern painting art of the world into Vietnam, by using stereoscopic and surreal lines as well as the improvised layout to express Vietnamese folk art, Thanh Chuong is the typical Vietnamese painter who keeps passinately the spirit and Vietnamese national identities in his contemporary masterpieces. The painting "Friendship" is a typical art production of Thanh Chuong’s art style, it still has the familiar shapes to depict things and people such as round, oval, triangles and free-running lines on the plate arrays. The painting reminds the harmony to the viewers because of the tranquility of the full moon scene. Although this painting looks flatter and balanced in composition, the viewer still can not escape the feeling of tranquility, the tranquil calm of the scenes in which Thanh Chuong has made the light to be very beautiful by colors used in the paintings.

Under the moonlight

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Thanh Chuong

Dimensions 100 x 100 cm | 39.4 x 39.4 inches
Medium Lacquer on wood

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