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Nguyen Minh Dong is one of the great painters of the contemporary Vietnamese fine arts with his significant contributions in the field of landscape painting. In contrast to other contemporary painters who wish to present themselves with modern paintings, meanwhile Nguyen Minh Dong has looked for colors in the countryside. His landscape paintings are the clear beauty of the wharves, ponds, water, houses, trees and the changing shades of the sky. He has the ability to transform the colors to create the shimmering and multi-dimensional beauty in the painting. Like the painting "Twilight moment" is the peaceful scene of the sunset, the artist snatched the fragile beauty - the moment when the sunset fell, the sky was pouring green pearl, the scene like dissolved into space. The ambiguous sparkle that makes the colors sparkle like the mussel wing reflects and spreads across the sky.

Twilight moment V

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Minh Dong

Dimensions 135 x 155 cm | 53.1 x 61 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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