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The Huc Bridge is the immortal symbol of the land of Thang Long thousand years of civilization has been inspired by many painters and appeared in numerous paintings. of contemporary Vietnamese art. However, when appearing in Le Thanh Son paintings, the unique bridge of the capital has become an immortal monument of art, with the familiar red blood fluttering on the stone benches and blue waters of the blue pearl reflection of the sky, brush strokes of Le Thanh Son creating the highlight in multitasking color master and turn virtual magic to absolute. It is easy to see in Le Thanh Son paintings, the artist often divides the composition of the painting into two blocks, mostly focusing on large trees that cover the sky, with thick leaves, canopy and thick branches. Red color is beautiful. After finishing the layout, Le Thanh Son started to draw small details and distribute harmonious colors to create a complete effect for the whole picture. All of them make up a multitasking concert of colors!

"The Huc" bridge

By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thanh Son

Dimensions 125 x 145 cm | 49.2 x 57.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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