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With the red color is the main background, Bui Huu Hung has described the beauty of the ancient atmosphere in the wild forest when the sunset,  the red light overflowing the space evokes the sense of elegance and impressive to the viewer's eyes. The special thing is that significantly attractive in the paintings of Bui Huu Hung is although he uses only red but the new molding of picture on the base of modern painting techniques mixed with the ancient space to create many space layers in the painting. It also make up the attraction for the works, contributing to make the variety and diversity for the method that the artist wants to express his artistic message. Viewers can definitely imagine the magical transformation of the painting in a nostalgic and fantastic space.

Summer noon in my village

By Vietnamese Artist

Bui Huu Hung

Dimensions 122 x 122 cm | 48 x 48 inches
Medium Lacquer on wood

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