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Born and grew up in Hanoi, it is not surprising that the most talented artist of contemporary Vietnamese fine art - Pham Luan has devoted so much his love to the streets of Hanoi capital. The details of Hanoi ancient town in Pham Luan paintings are typical images appearing daily in the street, but when they enter to the world art of Pham Luan, they have appeared with the very unique features. The wide canopy of trees mixed by the bright red and green color of  tree with a little yellow color of the opposite tree makes a perfect balance between two hot and cold colors for space. The composition of the paintings is well organized by the artist, he does not focus too much on a detail that creates a balance to the visual impression of viewers. The rows of motorbikes on the pavement, the old French lime walls with green windows interspersed with street signs, colorful goods on the roadside with bright dots describing people on the roadside, silent scenes are broken by the movement of people and cars on the street. 

Summer noon.

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Luan

Dimensions 80 x 130 cm | 31.5 x 51.2 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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