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The painter Nguyen Trong Tai has carefully observed the posture and gestures of ballet to make souls into each character movement for his paintings. Nguyen Trong Tai is an excellent representative for modern art painting trends, who brings Western breath and the real dictation into art. Although each of his paintings is aimed primarily in human subjects, he has taken the viewer to the edge of romantic love, the love for life, and the strong desire to devote himself to the art. The painting "Flamming dance" depicts the beauty of three female ballet dancers who passinate with their freedom, flying freely with the vibration of their music, landing on their heels as they want to lift their bodies to fly with the rhymth. Nguyen Trong Tai always describes white dress with a hot or cold color as he used in the painting showed the artist's talents in the art of blending colors and arranging the composition.

Sublime moment

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Trong Tai

Dimensions 100 x 150 cm | 39.4 x 59.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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