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His painting is so special, it is difficult to find in another artist's still-life style like Tran Luu Hau. His painting is the world, is a game of colors in which they are occasionally flocked to the endless inspiration of the painter and the wild with color. The still-life drawing is somewhat abstract, however viewers can still see what the picture really wants to convey through lines and colors that are not too difficult to distinguish. The combined brush strokes with shapes of the quite clear layout, as well as blue blends with white, added to the dark black dots for viewers to locate the position of objects. All created a visual satisfaction. The color combinations still create an order so that viewers can feel the beauty in the painting.


By Vietnamese Artist

Tran Luu Hau (1928 - 2020)

Dimensions 80 x 90 cm | 31.5 x 35.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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