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With many metaphoric brush strokes and smooth lines, the contemporary Asian artist Dinh Quan escapes from the rules of predecessors. These lines are sometimes risky but tender, they are also typical shades that he wants to express. The brush strokes of the lacquer paintings are smooth and deep on the surface lightly exposed the inner world of the artist's secret, in which he puts his soul. Dinh Quan’s paintings are displayed in the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Singapore Fine Arts Museum, National Fine Arts Museum of Malaysia. He is one of the 20 Vietnamese artists present in the exhibition "Lacquer Paintings of Vietnam: a new era" at the Oakland Exhibition Center (California, USA)

Red dream'

By Vietnamese Artist

Dinh Quan

Dimensions 120 x 90 cm | 47.2 x 35.4 inches
Medium Lacquer Painting on Wood

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