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"Spring" is one of the works of artist Bui Thanh Thuy's solo exhibition "Thuy". As her art statement at the exhibition, she chose acrylic and ink materials for all 36 paintings, which she said suits and helps her sublimate in her compositions.

Most of the themes throughout her artworks are flower and nature. Through Bui Thanh Thuy's brushes, the subject will be covered with dreams and full of imagination. 


"Spring" is a work full of experienced techniques and it’s an exciting tour of color from the artist's perspective of springtime. Not using strong contrasting colors, but using complementary color pairs, the two main colors in the picture are blue and pink with white and yellow tinge points, making the work very pleasant, reminding viewers of a peaceful spring is coming.



By Vietnamese Artist

Bui Thanh Thuy

Dimensions 78 x 120 cm | 30.7 x 47.2 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas

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All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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