The art critic experts rate Dinh Cong Dat's style is pop-art because his sculpture does not make the viewer feel overwhelmed, strange, disturbed or lost orientation but they feel so acquainted, close and more innocent, but it also opens a various ways of thinking and feeling. Created by the unique material – it is laquer on fiberglass, Dinh Cong Dat performs the images of schoolboys according to Japanese children, although they are simplified minimally but so aesthetic. We can feel the strong visual hallmarks of the arrangement and sculpture art, the artist always scrutinizes carefully the small details (such as face, posture, costume) and give souls into his art works the real soul for the characters.

Sitting lady I

By Vietnamese Artist

Dinh Cong Dat

Dimensions 50 x 32 x 26 cm | 19.7 x 12.6 x 10.2 inches
Medium Lacquer on Fiberglass

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