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This is what Bui Thanh Thuy wrote about her creativity point of view: “I paint as a desire to modify into nature with many levels of emotions. Watercolors, ink on silk, acrylic give me the freedom to vanish according to my passions and dreams. The nature in the paintings is just visual material for me to shape these feelings”.


For example, in "Relax", Bui Thanh Thuy blew into it the gentle softness of the mind without being pressed, thoughts poured out like her strokes from the flow of the universe. If normally 3 basic colors (yellow, red, blue) when performing with the same artwork, it is easy to cause a heavy battle. But through Bui Thanh Thuy's strokes; it is very harmonious, playful and intertwined, not leaving a stressful conflict.


By Vietnamese Artist

Bui Thanh Thuy

Dimensions 85 x 165 cm | 33.5 x 65 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas

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All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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