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Dubbed as an artist with magical hands and a talented brain, the ability to blow beauty of human soul into ordinary things, Le Thanh Minh brings viewers new definitions and expressions artwork. In his paintings, things appear to originate from normal life and simple life but become expensive details when the author puts in the context of classic Eastern style and express the values. The core tradition of a golden past has retreated into the past. The picture shows up with some old Chinese daisy buttons, just a porcelain plate and an oil lamp but not lit. The artworks of artist Le Thanh Minh are like that, the viewer are haunted by the things so simple calm that only want to step into the art world without wanting to escape and leave.

Playing card

By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thanh Minh

Dimensions 75 x 98 cm | 29.5 x 38.6 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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