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Among the young painters of Vietnamese drawing landscapes, Nguyen Minh Dong is one of the typical painters and his name is often associated with village paintings. He mainly exploited the beautiful dream of scenery in the countryside, his scenery is so beautiful that the viewers feel the amazement as they are immersed in the artistic space filled with poetry and lyrical. Peaceful villages with clear river, the beautiful roofs reflect the shadow on the water as clear as the mirror ... The image is not new but the way of creating is so new. Nguyen Minh Dong often choose the simple topic, and it is not sophisticated in composition or layout but he is still very successful in spreading the talents to viewers’ emotions and the warmth of human love.

Peaceful moment V

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Minh Dong

Dimensions 135 x 155 cm | 53.1 x 61 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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