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For Le Thanh Son, idyllic village landscapes, suburbs with flower fields are a source of inspiration for living resin the painter to create unique masterpieces. He always draws the shapes directly by brush strokes with a comprehensive, bold, liberal and richly sentimental strokes. It seems that the painting is just something for the Son to play with color, to bleach with color; and thereby relieve his personal moods or creative desires. The new thing or also the originality of painting Le Thanh Son is that he does not chase pure visual vision and stick to reality as the French impressionist painters. On the other hand, with its excellent color capability, strong instincts, and rich imagination, he has raised the idyllic, sometimes bleak, landscape of human life. Unusual paintings, as in the dream, have a strange charm by the color and shimmering beauty of the oil painting.

On the way home

By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thanh Son

Dimensions 110 x 210 cm | 43.3 x 82.7 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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