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For every human being, the motherhood is the most sacred, the most beautiful love in the world. Nghiem Vu Bang in his masterpiece, "Mother V," re-emotionally expresses the loving emotions of mother and child in warm arms that can not be replaced in the heart of each person. children. The topic is not new but the expression of the new artist is worth discussing. The viewers can feel the uniqueness of choosing a photo that is rich in realism, some sort of visualization, and a combination of colors. Nghiem Vu Bang's palette does not need to be too fussy or too colorful but still attract sthe viewers then thay are not able to escape. The artist's endowment is the subtlety in color mixing and the creation of impressive and flawless artworks.


Mother and child III

By Vietnamese Artist

Nghiem Vu Bang

Dimensions 115 x 100 cm | 45.3 x 39.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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