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The "Morning calm" is a painting with only two colors light and dark, but it makes a strong impression to the viewers. The dark gray and dark-shadowed tree, which produces the fading effect of the far and close rule, almost leads us to a deep and depressing memory. Watching the paintings of Hong Viet Dung, it seems that somewhere familiar feeling of a moment like everything stopped but we can not express accurately in words, space and time are likely to settle. In the painting of Hong Viet Dung, when it is not painted, things are nothing; but when it is painted, it is an abnormal state of light. Each of his art work has a dominant color, the other colors support and dissolve into a large shade, in a space dreaming nostalgic.

My village.

By Vietnamese Artist

Hong Viet Dung

Dimensions 110 x 210 cm | 43.3 x 82.7 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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