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Tran Hong Duc deeply expresses his feelings as well as his vision of the world into the painting. Color is only a part of the painting but the composition is what the artist tries to focus on. Although his still-life painting is not as confusing and abstract as the ones he painted, it still shows an unique style of Tran Hong Duc. The lines, layouts and colors represent the vases, flowers and pillars placed underneath are not ambiguous and difficult to understand, but the way Tran Hong Duc arranged the layout and color harmony has made the soul of the work. Just as the artist Tran Hong Duc once said: "Before drawing, I always sketch, when the painting was outlined, then I think about color and think about how to light up my work."

Melody of the light

By Vietnamese Artist

Tran Hong Duc

Dimensions 100 x 120 cm | 39.4 x 47.2 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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