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Back to the history, from the early decades of the twentieth century, when modern painting is fascinated by the lyrical and lovely objects, our fine arts has achieved new achievements with critical reality before make out the red carpet for socialist, which is considered the only way to come to the monument of art. Nguyen Hung Son's paintings in the innovation stage clearly show their expression and promote the social rationality. The painting "Labour market" is set by the artist in the context of Vietnam’s social life after the innovation stage and modern social life, the unique and attractive context are shown: a labour market with the variety job finding demands. With the faces of labour people appearing with all the shades: anxiety, waiting, hope, tired or happy ... then all are expressed in a vivid, realistic and objective space. The blue, gray patches are the typical colors of Nguyen Hung Son's art world, and they are painted in obsessive human faces. His paintings are also astonishingly described with the details: faces with details in the daily life , clothes, hats, masks… making the deep obsession in the viewer's mind.

Labour market II

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Hung Son

Dimensions 155 x 115 cm | 61 x 45.3 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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