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Pham Hong Son’s paintings are like the folk and romantic songs. People in his paintings are close to each other in the same minds. The painting “Harvest day II” is a lively space, prosperous and full of poetic. The oriental tradition of orientalism appears in Pham Hong Son's paintings as a way he affirms the beauty of the world through his subjective art lenses. The ladies who busy with flowers in the harvest season with the image of the red shirt as a highlight for the painting. It can be said that the paintings of Pham Hong Son are gentle and beautiful in a smooth way, with gentle colors, palette is not too bright but enough for viewers to ecstatic, easy and sensitive to see and feel.

Harvest day V

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Hong Son

Dimensions 120 x 70 cm | 47.2 x 27.6 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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