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Humanity is always a main theme in Thanh Chuong’s artistic paintings. With his unique own style, Thanh Chuong has created the inconceivable transformation of shapes, sometimes it is the humor and the joy of the subject. The painter is very clever in arranging outlines, triangular, round, oval, rectangular shapes but they are rotated in many dimensions and in many angles to create a very special attraction for the painting. The painting is mainly applied by the variety transformation of yellow color. We can see the light yellow in the face, yellow gold in the conical hat, and turmeric yellow of the body, all are mixed with orange to create a highlight on the blue background. rolls. The expression in the paintings is highly appropriated. It seems that the message of humanity and beautiful beauty of the painting beyond the speech that the artist Thanh Chuong wanted to say.  

Happy moment

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Thanh Chuong

Dimensions 70 x 70 cm | 27.6 x 27.6 inches
Medium Lacquer on wood

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