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The impressions of contemporary Vietnamese fine art are clearly shown in Pham Luan's masterpieces, the Asian artist uses the realism dictation to paint the picture confidently. There is a remarkable point in most of Pham Luan's paintings of the city: the artist shows his talent in capturing the great beauty and power of sunlight by color. Considered the master in painting the sun, it seems that Pham Luan always grasps the rules of sunlight in particular and the rules of light in general to create the soul for the painting. The painting "Summer Afternoon" is a perfect combination with two light and dark arrangements. The bright part of the painting are the roof, the high wall, the sky, in the trees. The dark side are the house, the shop, under the cover, in the trees. The focus of the painting also concentrates on the various activities of people and things: street vendors, pedestrians, motorcyclists, pedicabs and small vehicles as well as small traffic signs on the road ... all are shown off by a delicate and authentic dictation . People in his paintings are usually drawn by fast strokes with few details, however, the artist still portrays the movements of  Hanoi daily life lively. The colors of purple, blue, red and white, and the roof with dark colors make the picture even more ancient.

Hanoi daily

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Luan

Dimensions 100 x 150 cm | 39.4 x 59.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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